Dear Amazon,

It’s cold outside; we’re actually iced in. It’s a great day to read, but I’m in a reading slump at the moment. Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped buying books, though.

My kindle is stuffed full of goodies, but nothing looks good. A lot of that is degenerative brain stuff, and probably the depression.

The most severe migraines blow holes in the brain, causing bright spots, lesions,just like MS. And I feel a verse of “You light up my life” coming over me.

I have trouble tracking plot over a series of books, especially if time passes between publications. But that’s a lot better than it was; I was having trouble page to page, so thank heavens for that.

I still super highly recommend Cassandra Gannon’s “Elemental Phases” series. Her “Not another vampire book” is also a spot-on take-down of the genre.

Amazon, you’ll continue to get all my money, 99 cents at a time, you greedy bitch.

Maybe not my love, but certainly my cash,



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