Dear Lazy Sunday,

I’ve been seeing some interesting stuff online related to my disability, invisible disabilities, and other things that touch on those of us who live with chronic pain.

This picture makes no sense. Even when you try to make it be symbolic, it makes no sense. “I’m beauty and strength, but I don’t have the sense to take off expensive pointe shoes before I shovel coal … ” Nope.

I thought I’d do a link round up of the best of them, in case some of you had missed these fantastic stories, handy links, games, and silliness.

NPR’s People with Invisible Disabilities Fight For Understanding

Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker

Despicable Memes: Disabled People as “Inspirational”

Invisible Disabilities and the “Spoon Theory”

The Shut-In Economy

The SuperBetter game, which helps improve your health with games and goals

And this one just because I found it so funny. Some men seem so worried about what would happen if feminism “won.” But here’s how that cookie would actually crumble, according to feminists who have a sense of humor:
Feminism Finally Won, by The Toast

And now I’m in need something sweet to end my Sunday. But I remain,



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