Dear 10 Things I Hate About You,

Oh, I hate you. I despise you. I hate you …

Such a great soundtrack. I want you to want me … Wait, there’s a TV show? What has happened to our world? Ruin! Rack and Ruin! Bring on the fucking zombies! Nothing is sacred!

1. When people use Migraine and Headache interchangeably.

2. When my favorite authors write things like, “oh, this situation is so terrible, it’s giving this character a migraine.”

3. When commercials for Excedrin Migraine or similar drugs claim they can cure a real migraine.

4. When minor emergency room doctors, being seen for a sinus infection or such minor emergency, take a look at my prescription list and say things like, “Oh, you shouldn’t be on that many drugs. That’s bad.” And “Well, I’m not giving you any painkillers for this terrible sprained ankle; look at what you’re already taking!”

5. When, at work at my last job, as a migraine hit and I tried to leave, co-workers, those lovely helpful people, would say, “but there’s a quiet room, you can just go lay down for awhile and come back to work.”

6. When I get looks for using my disabled hang-tag for parking. When I felt like I shouldn’t type that sentence because of what others might say here about this very thing.

7. When I can’t look at a website because it has flickering images, or have to close my eyes while watching Scandal because of that camera flashing thing they do. When my iPhone weather app triggers a migraine because it has a lightning strike to show it’s a stormy day.

8. When I can’t shop at the Sephora store because of all the scents. When I have to dash through the department store entrance because of the perfume counters. When that woman gets on the elevator after dousing herself in eau du blech, and I leave in pain. When I have to leave a line because a man who was smoking cigarettes is standing behind me.

9. When my system gets so hypersensitive that voices sound like shouts, that small crowds cause panic. When my skin and long muscles begin to hurt to the touch. When my brain overloads and has to be shut down.

10. When I waited too long to tell someone how they impacted my life in such a negative manner that I feel they helped cause these migraines, but I waited too long. And now they’re dead.


18 thoughts on “Dear 10 Things I Hate About You,

  1. I WISH I had a disabled hang-tag. Can you get one if you are on disability?

    Once again I’m with you on every single item. Except #10. All of the people who negatively impact(ed) me are still alive.

    Take care, I’ve been in bad shape since Thursday, hope you’re faring better. 💜

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    • paynepills says:

      I have trouble getting in and out of stores, so I just don’t go. I talked to my PM doc’s prescribing nurse about it, and she filled out the form for me. It’s helped me be a lot more mobile.

      I’m with you on the bad shape. Spring kills me. When this weather front moves out later in the week, I’ll be better.


  2. Same here with the weather :/ I have some emotional stuff going on too, so that hasn’t helped.

    Good for you, advocating for yourself to get the hang tag! I think self-advocating is one of the hardest things sometimes about invisible illness. More of us need to take initiative to get the care we deserve.

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    • paynepills says:

      It’s so hard. I know for a lot of us, we’ve been told in the past that this pain is stress or anxiety, or our own failure in some way. When we ask for drugs, we’re seen as drug seekers. When we ask for tools, we’re not taken seriously. I’m so glad this has all started to change. Or maybe it’s the same, and I’ve changed. Whichever, I’m glad for it.

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      • I think it’s both. We’ve grown and matured and better learned how to speak up (those of us who have); and science has started to catch up. At the same time, opiates are getting harder and harder for doctors to prescribe, and some of them think they should never be used with migraine, regardless. I left a neurologist because she refused to allow Percocet as part of my regimen when it’s truly one of the only things that works. Migraine is complicated and we’re all different! That’s why self-advocating is so important.

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  3. Oh.. Number 4.. How I Hate thee.. I have 2 things in that arena that I am tossing my hat in. 1) I have a very high pain tolerance.. most of us do.. 2) I seem to have sensitivity to a lot of meds.. so there is a lot I can’t take. So when I RUPTURED a tendon after having tore two of them and several breaks among the small bones in my foot.. I was allowed pain killers.. Only after the surgery.. Which was SIX-MONTHS after the initial injury. Even then, I was given two months of pain meds.. then labeled a drug seeker even though I was Not even able to yet WALK on my foot.

    But I guess that was because the med I can use for Migraine relief is a pain med. So if I use something else.. Who cares that it makes me sick and I only take it to knock myself out with the I can’t stand up and see straight and already vomiting ones.. SO vomiting more won’t matter.. Ugh.. Doctors…

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    • paynepills says:

      Oh, the “drug seeker” label. That kills me. I get that there are a lot of people who are out there looking for drugs … but it’s not me. I despise the drugged up, out of control feeling. But how do I communicate that? Thank god for my pain management doctor.

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  4. smashingthanku says:

    i’m with you. i hate all these things too. and i hate the drain that hating all these things puts on my body and mind. LadyMigraine365 ask your doctor about a disabled parking tag. my doctor gave me one good for five years without hesitation. all i had to do was ask. it has been invaluable on the days i can get out of the house and try to accomplish something. paynepills hang in there. you’re so not alone, for what that’s worth. and i’m so sorry about number 10.


    • paynepills says:

      Thank you for that. I don’t know what to do about number 10, but I have an appointment with Doctor Debbie tomorrow for therapy, and I’m going to have the courage to ask her about it. I’m hoping she has more to offer than “write him a letter.” Blergh.

      And knowing I’m not alone helps a lot.


  5. longchaps2 says:

    Another thing that drives me nuts, 3D movies. They all want to put out movies in 3D. I can’t even watch the movie trailer that starts with a fake roller coaster with a popcorn thing on it. Makes me nauseous and instant migraine inducer. You can FORGET 3D movies. Not gonna happen. Give us a break, huh?

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    • paynepills says:

      After seeing an IMAX movie a few years ago, I stopped going out to movies. It’s too loud, crowded, and busy. I can’t manage it anymore. I’m the queen of Netflix and its friends, though.

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      • longchaps2 says:

        Netflix rocks. I can do normal non 3D movies for the most part on my new meds if not too violent. The shaky cam ones where they run with the camera don’t work but mostly I’m okay. Thank goodness for Netflick 🙂

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  6. I can identify with nearly all of these. Especially number 6. I find people stare at me and even tutt at me because i have a blue badge and most of the time I’m not in a wheelchair. If only they knew that the days I can leave the house are my good days and how upsetting their behaviour is. It makes me feel like I have to justify myself to them.

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    • paynepills says:

      I walk my service dog at the mall, and people will ask questions like, “Who are you training him for?” or “What does he do for you?” Because I want to explain my disability to you. I finally settled on saying “I’m not comfortable discussing my disability with strangers.” And I still had one woman demand to know more!


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